Queen of Thailand

Introducing the ‘Queen of Thailand’ 2-hour beauty experience- look and feel younger for $227 worth of beauty treatments for just $159 Your Queen of Thailand two-hour beauty experience begins with a THAI REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE. Exotic oils will rejuvenate tired feet and ankles. As you recline in luxury, your therapist stimulates pressure points, which relax and heal your entire body. (Thai detox foot spa may be substituted). Next you’ll be pampered with a luxurious FACIAL treatment. Your experienced Thai therapist will analyze your skin and enable treatments that cleanse, brighten, nourish and revitalize your complexion. A selection of cold pressed plant oils, natural botanicals, and a hydrating infusion of aromatic essential oils make fine lines appear smoother as your skin lifts and firms. This treatment produces results you can really see instantly. And for the ultimate addition to your beauty experience, surrender to the total relaxation of a ROYAL THAI OIL MASSAGE. The combination of muscle compression and exotic healing scents puts your body and mind into a heavenly state of rest. Tension melts, aches disappear and mobility is restored to problem areas. Increased blood flow facilitates healing and gives comfort to tired muscles and peace and clarity to your mind. The Queen of Thailand beauty experience will make you feel like a whole new person (and quite literally like a Queen). Recognised as the Best Thai Massage Brisbane Reserve your appointment for the ‘Queen of Thailand’ 2-hour supreme beauty experience. $227 value for only $159. Gift cards available. Ph. 3392 1151 978 Stanley St, East Brisbane Thai Massage Brisbane