Speciality Massages

Summer Bliss Massages (1.5hours $139)

A relaxing and cooling massage designed to invigorate and help escape the hot summer days using Aloe Vera Gel to soothe and help repair the skin whilst leaving a lasting cool sensation.

Sports Fitness Massage

A perfect massage to escape the muscular aches and pains of any training regime using a sensational Thai Balm (Salet Pang Parn) which is used extensively by Muay Thai fighters to treat tired and fatigued muscles. This is perfect for pre and post workout, support for running and cycling or preparing for the big event.

Traditional Thai Massage

Your vitality is restored as slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches are administered (without oil) along the body’s energy lines.

Time 60/90/120 minutes Pricing$99/$139/$189

Royal Thai Oil Massage

The combination of muscle compression and exotic healing scents puts your body and mind into a heavenly state of rest. Tension melts, aches disappear and mobility is restored to problem areas.

Time60/90/120 minutes Pricing$99/$139/$189

Remedial Massage

During this massage, your therapist focuses specifically on areas of discomfort. A combination of deep and gentle massage and passive stretching relieves tension in muscles, eliminates knots and restores full movement to tendons.

Time 60/90/120 minutes Pricing$99/$139/$189

Sports Massage

This deep tissue massage works with passive stretching to maximize results for physically active people. The massage prepares and stimulates the primary muscle groups used during most physical activity and increases range of motion.

Time60/90/120 minutes Pricing$99/$139/$189

Swedish Massage

Thai people recognize the benefits of international massage techniques including the Swedish massage. During this massage your muscles will relax as pressure is applied deeply and movements follow the direction of blood flow to your heart.

Time 60/90/120 minutes Pricing$99/$139/$189

Traditional Thai Massage has been practiced in Thailand for over 2000 years. Traditional Thai Massage is based on the theory of traditional Thai medicine that the body contains 10 sen or energy lines extending the length of the body from head to toe.

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